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Bit - Linux Shell Scripting (Suse 12, Red Hat 7)

Linux Shell Scripting (Suse 12, Red Hat 7)

Linux Shell Scripting (Suse 12, Red Hat 7)

The «JJU 306 – Linux Shell Scripting» is designed to provide the skills necessary to automate tasks on a Unix or Linux system. Systems Administrators and Developers alike can avoid errors, save time and money by replacing repetitive work patterns with shell scripts.
Care has been taken to present the «JJU 306 – Linux Shell Scripting» in a format that benefits all students, with or without previous programming experience. Guru Labs believes that the best way to learn shell scripting is writing shell scripts. For this reason, lab time is emphasized. Early labs present the scripting process step by step, while later labs are presented in a challenge format. While official solutions to each lab task are provided, students are encouraged to create their own before examining the solution. In this way, more experienced students are challenged without overwhelming the less experienced.

Requisitos previos

Solid understanding of Unix-based systems and proficiency on the Unix or Linux command line.


Our team of highly qualified instructors combine training activities with the development of their profession as experts in the field of TIC. Professionals certified by the major manufacturers capable of transferring an enjoyable and easy to understand technical concepts more abstract.


A copy of the official Linux Documentation.

Contenidos del Linux Shell Scripting (Suse 12, Red Hat 7)

  1. Shell Scripting Basics.
  2. Working with files.
  3. Data munging.
  4. Branching and looping.
  5. Security, whitespace and other gotchas.
  6. Where to from here?


Lets get the Linux official diploma of the course «JJU 306 – Linux Shell Scripting».


Se emitirá Certificado de Asistencia sólo a los alumnos con una asistencia superior al 75% y Diploma aprovechamiento si superan también la prueba de evaluación.

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